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I'm passionate about leadership, making a difference (and making the world better), and self-expression!



Hi! I’m Pam Terry. I’m a keynote speaker and trainer, providing public speaking keynotes, training, and coaching to experts (activists, humanitarians, non-profit and government leaders, coaches, consultants, entrepreneurs, executives, authors). I'm passionate about making a difference and self-expression!

Combining 20+ years’ experience in technology and 30+ years’ experience in marketing, public speaking, public relations, and systems development, I offer the perfect range of knowledge and skill to help you.

My speaking and training career began when I was a consultant to CPA firms and spoke and trained on how to sell intangible services. During that time, I also became the head of a local chamber of commerce where I facilitated over 100 events as MC and was interviewed on TV.

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Later, I became the National Director of TechExecs where I coached CIOs on being panelists and speakers at our events. Seeing how nervous and inexperienced some of the leaders were, I was inspired to begin hosting my own workshops on Mastering Public Speaking.


During this time, I started being asked to be the MC and keynote speaker for several women's groups and conferences, and was hired to provide training for corporations, churches, and for 1:1 coaching for individuals. I have helped hundreds of individuals and corporations combined throughout my public speaking career.


I've worked with numerous small businesses and a fortune 500 company. Individual clients have included artists, coaches, consultants, professionals, CEOs, authors, humanitarian leaders and activists, authors, and executives. One common theme of my clients is that they have all been leaders and experts in their field.





The Keys to be a Compelling Speaker with a Compelling Message


Public speaking is a skill that every expert should develop. Why?  Because experts have tons of value to share! While some experts may embrace public speaking, we all know that some fear it more than death and taxes. I break down public speaking in a way that relaxes and inspires the audience at the same time, creating excitement!


Every keynote I present is customized for each specific audience so that it's relevant, relatable, and engaging. This insightful talk will inspire and guide even the most reluctant speakers and the most seasoned ones, too, to be confident, compelling presenters and teaches the secrets of how to create a talk that's compelling as well. 

Told with anecdotes and lots of involvement from a live or virtual audience, this talk will leave the audience talking!

How to Be A Compelling Speaker In Person or on a Virtual Event

Virtual or In Person Workshop

This 1 or 2 day workshop can be limited to 10 people (more or less) so that everyone has a chance to participate fully, get individual practice, and receive individual coaching from the group. You'll get the opportunity to present what you learn while discovering the specific traits of compelling speakers. 


Customized for attendees, this workshop is relevant, relatable, and engaging. It's designed to inspire and relax at the same time, which creates confidence and excitement. Plus, you'll not only discover how to make your presenting style compelling but also how to make your message compelling. 

This session will not only teach beginner and experienced presenters the skills they need, it will also build their confidence. 

Create Your 7 Word Power Statement & 30 Second Introduction

Virtual or In Person Workshop

 How do you create an effective, impactful 30 second introduction? You spend time with an expert who knows how from experience!


In this workshop, you'll learn how to create such a compelling 30 second introduction, that it will cause others to want to meet you afterwards to learn more about how you can help them or someone they know.


Just one statement in your introduction will be one of the most powerful statements you will ever create and in just 7 words! To say what you do in 7 words is not only powerful, but also essential for communicating succinctly and evoking curiosity at the same time.


In this half day workshop, experts will have the opportunity to create and present their 30 second introduction including their 7 word power statement and receive feedback from the group. Their feedback is invaluable! You'll get to tweak your intro right on the spot. 



Audience and Lecturer
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"You are so Real! Pam is such an expert and walks her talk."


~ Jena Rodriguez

Transformational Mentor & Growth Strategist





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